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What's new in Azure Red Hat OpenShift on OpenShift 4 (ARO4.3)?

Version 4.3 of Azure Red Hat OpenShift (to some known as ARO), the enterprise-grade & fully managed Kubernetes platform, has been released at Red Hat’s Virtual Summit on April 28th, 2020. Luckily for us, we were able to play with this new version a few weeks before its release. Spoiler alert: Microsoft and Red Hat have really delivered! During this webinar, we will bring to the table all the new features and innovations of ‘Azure Red Hat OpenShift on OpenShift v4.3’ compared to v3.11. We will address topics such as Architecture, Observability, Security and all the freedom that the latest release of ‘Azure Red Hat OpenShift’ provides.


Duration: 45 min

1) Speaker introduction
2) Architecture overview
3) Deployment Steps
4) Kubernetes Operators
5) Observability
6) Demo time!
7) Roadmap


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Miguel Lopes
Senior DevOps Consultant Devoteam NL

Miguel Lopes is an open source enthusiast with more then 15 years of experience and is always busy with finding solutions to help organisations forward. He has a strong focus on cloud, containerisation and observability. Besides consulting organisations he is also leading the DevOps traineeship where he teaches consultants to become DevOps strongmen.

Aymen Abdelwahed
Architect / Consultant in Cloud & DevOps at Devoteam NL

Aymen Abdelwahed, Cloud & DevOps Consultant at Devoteam NL, is currently in the middle of implementing ARO for one of Devoteam’s world-servicing clients. Heavily certified on Red Hat (RHCA), Azure, and AWS, he helps clients in realizing the next steps of their digital roadmap from day to day. Next to his work at the client-side, Aymen participates in a Red Hat Solution Architect program.