How Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the Retail industry ?

In 2020, the retail sector is at a crossroads. From the omnipresence of digital technology to the importance of environmental concerns, societal changes are revolutionizing consumer behavior and shattering traditional models. The Covid-19 crisis, as sudden and brutal as it stroke, only amplifies these trends and makes the need for retailers to reinvent themselves even more urgent.

This white paper, co-authored by Benoit Fremaux (Retail & CPG, Devoteam) and Aymen Chakhari (Group Global Head of AI & Big Data Director, Devoteam), is intended for an audience of retail professionals without in-depth technical expertise. It has a dual ambition: to bring together the views of Devoteam's retail specialists and the players of different companies in the sector. This white paper shows all that AI can bring to retail companies.


Table of content :

  • Introduction : Devoteam's vision and beliefs
  • AI, an answer to the challenges of today's retail industry
    • Omnicanale customer experience with the testimony of Fabrice Beschu, Director of Operations, Decathlon
    • Marketing with the testimony of Sylvain Luce, Manager of the Datascience & Customer knowledge division, Picard Surgelés
    • Offer and purchases with the testimony of Franck Dartois, Director of Information Services, Idkids
    • Supply chain with the testimony of Alexandre Brauner, Director of Information Services, FM Logistic
    • Back office functions with the testimony of Michel Morvan, Director of Information Services, Picard Surgelés
  • Keys of success
    • Vision : strategy and pragmatism
    • Governance : data and ethics
    • Skills : a multi-level strategy
    • Technology : more mature, more affordable
    • Data : the essential fuel
    • Compliance and Security : Protecting Data and Models
    • Acculturation : Trust for All
  • Conclusion




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