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Kubernetes: From Zero to Hero

So, you read about Kubernetes. It seems like it’s one of those buzzwords nowadays. Why should you use it? What benefits does it offer you? Should you even care? We’d like to give you a pragmatic look through what it offers you. Joran Bergfeld will talk you through some concepts, and shows you how they are used in practice.

Webinar Agenda

Duration: 45 min

  • Informative part (intro)
  • Technical Demo
  • Q&A

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Joran Bergfeld - Consultant Devoteam NL

Joran is a software enthusiast. He got into software through Minecraft when he was in his teens. Being very passionate about technology, he has a wide look at software development, not being afraid to back down from operational tasks. He does this with one goal in mind: Adding value to the product, whatever that may be.