Ensure a safe return to the workplace

May 11th, 2020 11:30am-12:15pm CEST

Save Your Spot

Executive Summary

How to manage the back to the premises after the lockdown that has forced people to work remotely?
No one wants another wave of contamination.

Which stakeholder involved and which process to put in place?
How to inform any stakeholder? How to estimate the backlog? How to come back to usual business operations - safely?

  • Logistics & Facilities Manager roles & responsibilities
  • HR Manager  roles & responsibilities
  • Internal Occupational Health Service roles & responsibilities
  • IT Manager roles & responsibilities
  • Procurement Manager
  • Process Owner & Plan Executor roles & responsibilities
  • Physical Security Manager roles & responsibilities


Olivier Velin

Risk Management & Crisis Management expert, Devoteam

Olivier Velin is a risk management and crisis management expert, as well as a specialist in crisis communication, resilience, business continuity, recovery industrial and security. It supports and trains management teams and crisis units through clients customized crisis simulations. As a designer of innovative methods, he has developed and implemented tools to manage specific risks, including the risk of flooding. He has successfully performed services for clients in private sectors as well as in public services.  He took advantage of his double operational experience as a consultant/ external auditor and as a former manager of profit centres, which gives him a wider view of his clients' constraints. 

Olivier Velin, as member of the GMAP-Center think-tank, has worked since 2012 in operational missions with MILEVA artificial intelligence https://mileva-ai.ch/mileva.php. It is also a member of the think-tank CyAN (Cybersecurity & Cybercrime Advisors Network) http://www.cyan.network/, and member of the Corporate Steering Major Systems Committee of Information for Market Finance at the Institut Mines-Telecom Business School. Olivier Velin is a lecturer in Universities specialized masters in France: ESIEA (since 2004), Institut Mines-Telecom Business School (since 2009) and in Russia (State Government University of Economics & Technology Finance - St. Petersburg). Il is also co-author of several books and articles related to Crisis Management, Business Continuity and Security. 


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