Coping with service disruptions with the Everbridge Critical Event Management Platform

May 14th, 2020 11:30am-12:15pm CEST

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Executive Summary

The Everbridge Critical Event Management (CEM) Platform: Always On to Keep People Safe and Business Operations Running, Faster – Live demo.  

Many types of Critical Events (supply chain disruption, social unrest, pandemics, weather and natural disaster, IT incidents, …) happen every day and can negatively impact your people, physical assets, business operations and brand. What the World’s most resilient organizations have in common are plans, processes and digital tools that work smoothly together to Assess incidents, Locate impacted people and assets, Act to manage the situation and finally, Analyse the response. The COVID-19 pandemic also highlighted how crucial it is to be able to manage a crisis remotely.

A CEM platform uses technology to take manual processes and automate them. Devoteam invites you to a demonstration of the Everbridge CEM platform in action and sees how it amplifies ad hoc data feeds to provide richer intelligence and correlates threats with locations of assets and people, ensuring more rapid and comprehensive incident assessment and remediation.


Benoît Gantelmi d’Ille

Crisis & Business continuity specialist, Devoteam

Benoît is a crisis & business continuity specialist, ISO 22301 certified. He advises bank, insurance, industry, retail and supply chain companies to strengthen their capacities and face disruptive events. He helps companies to quickly deploy crisis responses in order to preserve people, assets and business.

Arnold Dénes

Practice Manager, Everbridge

Arnold is a Partner Manager at Everbridge with 25 years of multinational professional experience, across various industries. He has been supporting clients and partners with safety, security and business continuity digitization projects for the past 8 years. A process optimization expert and passionate about technology, he’s always keen to find innovative ways to leverage digital tools to improve people safety, organizational resilience and operational efficiency.

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